CategoryUniversal Series (New)/Ultra thin LED light
Name : หลอดไฟ LED WP-9004

Name:Extendable sub for WP-9003

This ultra thin LED light consumes less energy and provides longer working hours.
Motion activated sensor: by waving your hand, you can turn on and off the light easily without touching the light.
It also allows you to change the brightness according to your preference.

►Use with WP-9003 ultra thin LED light to extend lighting area.
►Sensor working distance: 5 cm
►Color of light: white
►Lumen: 1100 lm(max)
►Energy consumption: 14.5 W by itself. 27.5 when connected with a extendable sub (WP-9004)
►WP-9003 can be extended with WP-9004 to increase lightning area.
►Magnet with angle adjustment is included.

  • WP-9004
    H604xW32xD7 mm

Universal Series / Ultra thin LED light / Extendable sub for WP-9003

Type   Specification
WP-9004  H604xW32xD7 mm